Monday, October 17, 2011

Healthy Heart in Women: Healthy Heart is... Great Future!

        Healthy heart in women is the topical issue here but the resultant benefits are extended to all and sundry. When you are endowed with healthy heart, you have a wonderful, great future. You need to possess this knowledge and act on it always by promoting healthy habits, taking part in healthy activity, taking healthy and nutritious food items and assessing available standard medical facilities when necessary.
            Madam Benenta Aremasenka was introduced to an enthusiastic audience some years ago and she used the opportunity to narrate how her healthy heart had brought her an unexpected wonderful and great future. She was the Managing Director of a chain of companies which she co-founded with her late husband Chief Aremasenka. The venue was the Provincial Headquarters of a collection of villages. Most of the people who gathered there were the beneficiaries of her philanthropic acts, who had invited her to express their appreciation to her. She was the only survivor among the twin sisters born to their parents about fifty five years earlier. She was lucky to overcome the disease that ended her twin sister’s life at a tender age of 15.
          “Looking back at the turn of events which took place forty years ago, I can not but give thanks to God Almighty, for the gift of healthy heart,” she said.  “For a girl of 15 to encounter the challenge of a chronic heart disease, nothing could be more shattering!” She added, then she could no longer hold back tears surging up her eyes and rolling down her cheeks, the large hall went dead silent for a moment... Her twin sister had died mysteriously a couple of weeks before she too took ill. The impression being created at that time was that her twin sister had evil spirit. But when she too became ill, her mother decided to travel to the city for a thorough medical examination in a Government General Hospital. That was in spite of the general opinion of most of the villagers who advised her to “forget about the possessed twin children!”
        “At that time”, she continued after wiping off her tears and pulling herself together. She placed her left palm on the place of her healthy heart before speaking further, “The level of development was very low, nowhere comparable to what we have today.” She looked round the large audience slowly then she spoke further, “I owe my survival to the mercy of God and to my mother who lived ahead of her time- she rejected the general opinion of the time that condemned I and my late twin sister as being possessed of evil spirit…!”
          According to her, her mother was also in her mid-fifties at that time when she decided she was not prepared to lose both children to superstition or some baseless traditional beliefs as it was at the time! Her mother got a referral note from the city hospital and she was flown abroad for heart surgery which made her life better ever since. On a more cheerful note, she said, “Now look at me today, who would have thought that I had a great future lying ahead for me, talk less of affecting lives of many people positively…?” (A prolonged round of applause followed…) Then she added as she spread out both arms, “I am happy to witness the present day development, the technologies, the beautiful cities, the industries, the communications, educations, great structures here and there, transportations, inventions, limitless opportunities beckoning to those who wish to make great living for themselves…indeed, your healthy heart is key to a great future!”         

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Healthy Heart in Women: Healthy Heart and Drug Complications!

        Healthy heart in women is the topic of the moment here, all out to salvage a grim situation which is already cutting very deep into many human lives and inflicting bad- painful effects as a dreadful threat to happy human existence on the mother earth. Women are particularly requested to be doubly involved in the effort to reduce to the barest minimum, the escalating number of deaths resulting from healthy heart problems. Apart from enlightening fellow women, you should as well ensure that your children are well informed and that they start practicing how to promote and sustain the healthy heart culture. I like to reiterate again, that the right time is now-bear in mind the saying that delay is dangerous.  
         It is known to all that the healthy heart is well built with very strong walls, durable cells and tissues that can withstand any form of arduous task embarked upon by an average person. However, it may suffer serious damages if it is infiltrated by diseases or unhealthy habits. Such problems as high blood pressure, coronary thrombosis, arthero-sclerosis, hypertension, cardiac arrest, diabetes etc among others, are capable of rendering the healthy heart incapacitated and invalid. Talking of unhealthy habits that can equally dislodge the healthy heart, you may think of smoking, drug addiction, drunkenness, drug abuse etc.
         Let us remember that all substances that enter into the body (food, drinks, drugs etc) have to pass through the healthy heart with either positive or negative impacts manifesting very glaringly soon or later. This was the situation a few weeks ago in which a family in a small township lost a teenage girl and the other narrowly escaped death as a result of drug abuse. The two sisters had been indulging in arbitrary use of drugs without the knowledge of their parents for some days in a bid to get rid of their unwanted pregnancies. Unfortunately, they had earlier been introduced to a quack who assured them that they needed not undergo the usual D & C as long as they continued taking the (poisonous..?) drugs…!     
           The younger girl of 15 was over four months pregnant while the senior, 18; was just 2 months on. The younger one started complaining of both abdominal and chest pains before she finally slumped and she was rushed to a hospital. All attempts to resuscitate her including the introduction of oxygen proved abortive-she never came out of the state of coma till she finally gave up the ghost. A post mortem test on her revealed that her healthy heart had been badly damaged by the toxic contents of the drugs she was taking.
        Realizing that she too could suffer the same fate of an eventual healthy heart failure, the senior girl cried out that she too had just started taking the same drugs and she had also started experiencing similar danger signals as her late junior sister…! Women, one major menace you have to guard against within the family and the society at large is that of drug complications in order to safeguard your highly cherished healthy heart!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Healthy Heart in Women: Healthy Heart is...Good Life!

        Healthy heart in women is on track again, it is an open invitation to make gains without pains as you take concrete action towards ensuring that you are not taken unawares by some of those heart conditions resulting in the abrupt ending of many peoples’ lives; especially women. A little caring and taking of simple steps may save you from unforeseen troubles. Finding ourselves in an age of mass literacy, ‘light speed’ information and proven sophistication in orthodox medicine is enough reason to ensure that no one is caught in the web of heart related diseases. The healthy heart is a priceless possession; you must be prepared to go any length to preserve it.
          The story of Madam Lelliane Arimomba which happened several years ago is an unusual but effective example of how to attain your healthy heart desire at all costs. She had taken over her late husband’s import and export company a couple of months after his death. Being an accountancy graduate herself was an added advantage to her so she was able to grasp the basics of the business within a short time. On the other hand, she decided to close down her equally flourishing boutique which was located at heart of the city due to her inability to get a reliable hand that could manage it effectively.
         She continued as the Managing Director of the company for three solid years with little or no hitch, courtesy of her healthy heart in action. Then some problems started cropping up. Some of their items of importation had just been placed on the prohibition list by the Central Government and the goods had already arrived at the Warf waiting for clearance. The Board of Directors (B O D) of the company held series of meetings presided over by Madam Arimomba concerning what emergency steps to take in the face of the impending economic doom. At first, some officials of the Shipping Department promised to help in securing the clearance of the goods before the actual enforcement of the new law began.                                                                            
         Meanwhile Madam had started building up anxiety, restlessness and despair which had started rocking the walls of her healthy heart. Due to sleepless nights she started experiencing, she started consuming more alcohol than usual. Eventually, a letter came from the Shipping Department which read in part: “We are sorry to inform you that it may no longer be possible to secure the clearance of your goods, except in case of any new directive which is most unlikely for now…! This was the ‘last straw that broke the camel’s back’ as far as Madam was concerned.
        Her healthy heart seemed to have encountered failure as she passed out on hearing the latest development. However, a Medical Officer later announced: “To enable us treat your failing heart and high blood pressure successfully, you need to cut down on the consumption of alcohol, sugar and items with high cholesterol content.” Sounding a bit more absurd, he added, “Be prepared to take a two-week vacation abroad to refresh your body, mind and your heart! Before you return, take time to plan a new course of action for your company; great opportunities abound when you clear off all anxieties- this is not the end of the world…! About a year later, a friend of hers asked how she managed to recover and came off bubbling with strength and splendor. She replied, “Good Life restores your Healthy heart…!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Healthy Heart In Women: Healthy Heart Is...Multidimensional!

      The topic of healthy heart in women is on again, like a moving train inviting the travelers to hop in without further delay! And that is the reality of the matter- informing you of the need to take the right step in the right direction towards enhancing healthy heart…now! The elders in our community use to say that there are three ‘seasons’ in a man’s life which include the ‘morning’, ‘afternoon’   and ‘evening’ times. (I can testify to it that African elders are ever vocal on any issue that affects their immediate communities without hesitations!). The ‘morning’ here refers to childhood followed by adulthood and old age respectively.
           Concerning the issue of healthy heart, some wise, discreet and philosophical men say that there are many dimensions to it which include the social, economic, scientific, technological and even philosophical dimensions! You may feel otherwise, but, come to think of it that all the organs in a man’s body are dependent on the viability of the healthy heart. A man that wakes up in the morning owes it to the fact that his healthy heart is still ‘keeping on’. The same goes with all other undertakings of the day from sunrise to sunset. When you are endowed with healthy heart, you are able to pursue such profitable projects that may enable you to become economically viable. The Scientists have been kept busy and unrelenting in their bid to comprehend the operation and complexities of the healthy heart.
           There is this story of a wise old woman who lived about a century ago in a remote African village; by name Mama Nilikenga. She was said to have lived up to an incredible age of 135years and that her sense of reasoning did not diminish up to the time she took her last breath! She is described as peace loving and always viewing matters in relation to the heart. For example she used to advise young people to imbibe good behavior so that their healthy heart could see them through to both ‘afternoon’ and ‘evening seasons of their lives! She was also fond of asking such questions as, ‘have you counted your heart beats today?’ Have you listened to what your heart is saying today?’ All these are no doubt philosophical perspectives…
          The story goes on that the wise old woman used to receive visitors from far and near, especially wealthy men and women who wanted to come and verify what they already heard about her philosophical dispositions. At the end they would have been more than satisfied! She was said to live in a beautifully constructed house that no one knew how and when the house was built. Further more, she was said to possess astounding scientific tendencies which enabled her to make non-pharmaceutical ‘prescriptions’ in respect healthy heart- related ailments.
           For example, she would say, ‘you need to stop taking salt (or smoking; etc…) for the next so and so months to restore your healthy heart to good shape’, and the ‘patient’ would end up for the better! One day a learned man from far away came to visit her and she asked him, ‘In exchange for political or economic prowess, are you willing to trade off your healthy heart…?!        

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Healthy Heart in Women: Healthy Heart Vs Burning Heart!

Healthy heart in women is it, but the benefits therein extend to all and sundry. The young, the elderly; (you really don’t get old when you are equipped with healthy heart!), the rich, the not-so-rich,  (you may argue this out for all you care if I say again that you are potentially rich and not really poor when you are endowed with healthy heart!); whatever category you place yourself, you are not left out. I tell you indeed, just try and listen carefully to the air or to the ground; if you know how to do it, so you can perceive the unmistakable sound of healthy heart raging stronger and stronger each day.                                                                                                                                                                                       
        The reason for this development is not far fetched. In recent times, experts are discovering from various researches that a greater percentage of deaths among mankind are resulting from problems relating to healthy heart. Many professional bodies have also been making clarion calls to all (of us who are still quite lucky to be alive!) to listen, adjust to and adopt life portraying healthy habits, to start gradual practice of healthy activity as well as indulgence in moderate consumption of healthy and nutritious food items. The right time is now because no one knows what happens the next moment.          
        There are various systems of the body operating and performing specific functions towards the enhancement of healthy heart. Some of the systems include: the digestive, nervous, circulatory, excretory and skeletal systems, to mention a few- all largely dependent on the healthy heart to perform their functions adequately. On the other hand, the healthy heart also needs the ‘cooperation’ of the other adjoining organs to be able to perform its functions maximally. Taking a closer look at the digestive system, we all know the vital roles being played by the mouth, esophagus, small intestine, liver, and the other related organs of the body.                                                                                                   
     Digestion actually takes place in the small intestine where the food is broken down and converted into such form that can be absorbed by the intestinal wall into the blood stream which is kept running courtesy of the unrelenting pumping force of the healthy heart. From there, it is transported by the microscopic capillaries which later converge into the portal vein that enters into the liver. At that point, the liver helps in further refining the digested food and stores it in the body for subsequent use. What you are required to know here is how to select easily digestible healthy and nutritious food items that include fresh fruits and vegetables. 
      Women mostly hold the responsibility of choosing food items for the family and thus in the right position to contribute towards enhancing healthy heart in the whole family. Improper functioning of the digestive system could result in that painful feeling known as ‘heart burn’. It could also be caused by excess acidity in the stomach. To overcome it, observe such foods that result in the feeling and avoid them. However, you also need to avoid alcohols, over cooked or fried foods and acidic foods like lemon. Dear women, try and promote healthy heart today!   

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Healthy Heart in Women: Make A 'Hearlthy Heart Switch'...Now!

 The topic of healthy heart in women is ever interesting, thought provoking and intriguing. Dear woman, I wish you to be more dedicated to the issue at hand; not only to take positive steps towards reversing the trend of high mortality among women due to heart conditions, but also to enlighten the up-coming generation-both male and female. After all it is believed that “when you enlighten a man, it is for just a person; but when you enlighten a woman, it reflects on the larger community”-I hope it is so in this case.
            I tell you, we are in an ultra dynamic world where new inventions are coming up everyday; every woman is entitled to living with healthy heart. Man has made a lot of achievements in various spheres of life resulting in easy access to (various channels of) information, modern methods of farming that can guarantee sufficient food (including fruits, vegetables and different kinds of animals) production. In addition, excellent medical facilities are now available in various parts of the world for detecting, diagnosing and treatment of different kind of diseases that used to be unattainable some years ago. It is obvious therefore that the first impediment to be overcome is ignorance! Check out this short story and see what you can make of it:
           Lady Merlia, daughter of Chief Bezumendey a renown industrialist was well known for her elegance, affluence, beauty and probably a healthy heart- that was some years ago. At 32 and single, she had just assumed the mantle of leadership of her father’s multinational industrial conglomerate. Her father was being hospitalized in an orthopedic hospital far away in an overseas country due to injuries he sustained from a ghastly road accident in his favorite black Mercedes Benz 500 S E L sports. In the present world of glamour and automation, you need a healthy mind to sustain your healthy heart…
               Merlia had so much work on her hand as she had to maintain their duplex home with an army of aides on one side and the gigantic workforce of her father’s industrial outfit on the other. At first, she seemed to be in perfect control. Then one day, she slumped at a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company. If you are endowed with a healthy heart today, take good care of it.
                She stirred up slowly after some hours on a hospital bed and the Doctor announced, ‘Lady, from the preliminary test conducted; there are indications that you have a weak heart, due to high blood pressure (!) Therefore, you need to take time off all those piles of duties of yours and take some rest. You must stop taking any alcohol henceforth and delegate at least 50% of your official duties to others whenever you return to work. Furthermore, you must restrain yourself from unnecessary expression of anger, hysteria or anxiety in order to make our medical treatment effective…’ She nodded slowly in acceptance. I see such development as a step of ‘healthy switch to a healthy heart!’                

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Healthy Heart in Women: ‘Mechanics‘of Healthy Heart

        The topic of healthy heart in women is always quite inspiring and inexhaustible. Naturally, a woman is ‘ever busy’ on the home front, taking care of the household equipment and the kids on one side and responsible to the husband on the other hand. In fact, it is usual to refer to a lot of women (in their most active years) as ‘workaholic’ going by the enormity of duties they perform at home; which are also being mostly combined with other external undertakings like business activities or official duties. In essence, an average woman is always ‘on the move’ whether within or away from home!
         The same thing goes with healthy heart, which remains ‘committed’ to its duties relentlessly. Though the average size of an adult’s heart is about two fists clenched together, the (life time) job it performs is astounding; even unimaginable! As long as you are alive, you can be considered to be a living being ‘in motion’ even when you are asleep (!) Did I hear you ask ‘how?’ Oh yes! Remember the non-stop traffic going on within your body system…generally referred to as ‘blood circulation’. Think of it, the process (of heart beats) started right from your embryonic form through the months of pregnancy and from your childhood to old age- that’s quite legendary! No matter how new or powerful a car may be the engine can not run successfully without a functional oil pump supplying oil to the engine as healthy and nutritious food.
         Talking about healthy heart in women, I remember a lady colleague who suddenly fell ill a few years ago. We were taken unawares by the development. She had always been well known to be lively and bubbling with strength. However, she had been keeping a lingering (heart) problem she was encountering to herself until the situation became unbearable. She had been encountering difficulty in breathing at night hours and feeling uncomfortable lying down-whichever side tried to lie on. Both problems are symptoms that point to a breeding heart condition. So she resorted to the use of sleeping tablets! One carelessness too many! Though she was in her late twenties with just a kid, she was diagnosed with high cholesterol content in her body system which was accompanied with blood clotting, we were all shattered!
      Before any concrete arrangement could be put up to save her life, she was gone! If you are known to be strong and excelling in a healthy physical activity like being an international athlete, a boxer, a soccer star, a wrestler, whatever-even a public speaker! It is possible courtesy of your healthy heart. I hope you remember that, at the time you are involved in a healthy physical activity, your heart beats faster and in essence pumps faster thereby pumping larger volume of blood to the parts in action, hand, leg, etc. So the issues of healthy activity, healthy and nutritious food consumption and making sure you confide in the experts (that is medical, in this case!) whenever there is an unusual development in your body system should be strictly observed and put into action- that, indeed is ‘mechanics’ of healthy heart!