Friday, August 5, 2011

Healthy Heart In Women: At a Glance!

             The topic of healthy heart in women will continue to gain relevance for as long as man maintains his existence on the earth’s surface. The grim reality brought to light recently by medical professionals that heart disease is the most prevailent cause of death among women more than any other cause (!) is enough reason for mankind to rise up at the moment and do whatever we (both men and women) can; to ensure a reverse of the ugly trend.
      If you place your palm under your left breast, you will feel the unrelenting beats of your heart. An average human heart is about the size of two clenched fists of an adult. Its function is to move the living stream of blood through all parts of your body; feeding all the cells  and removing all the waste materials. If the heart should fail, the whole circulatory system would fail, and that spells an immediate doom to the person!
           Fortunately, the healthy heart is made of tough materials that do not break down easily. Its muscles are different in the way they are put together. They are more  durable than any other muscle tissue in the body. No other organ of the body carries so much responsibility for the rest of the body like the heart. Every part of the human system is entirely dependent on it. Constantly day and night, the wonderful heart continues to beat, even when you are at rest or sleeping. It beats on slowly and quietly; conserving its great reserve powers for the time when they might be sorely needed. When an emergency situation arises, the heart quickens up its pace and increases the speed of circulating blood to wherever it might be needed in the body.
          So, you as a woman may be asking why you need to know something about the (basic) operations of the heart. Indeed the question you need to ask yourself is whether you are making any contribution towards enhancing the activities of your own healthy heart. Such matters as excitement, anxiety, anger and other similar extra-ordinary emotional displays are to be observed cautiously; either positive or negative because they all have similar effects of putting pressure on the heart. If you have a cause to be happy, do so moderately; don’t go on screaming round the whole house in order to express your joy. On the other hand when you are treated to an unpleasant news or face a grim reality, don’t get so hysterical to the extent that onlookers will take you for a mentally derailed one!
The relevance of women from the domestic home front to the corporate high places of the society is on the increase by the day. Therefore women, the time has come to start taking seriously, those (supposedly minor) things that may enhance healthy heart both at home and at work; which have been resulting in the loss of precious lives of many women. Always bear in mind that healthy lifestyles, healthy diets and physical exercises are ever important. Such avoidable losses of lives must cease without further delay!