Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Healthy Heart in Women: Make A 'Hearlthy Heart Switch'...Now!

 The topic of healthy heart in women is ever interesting, thought provoking and intriguing. Dear woman, I wish you to be more dedicated to the issue at hand; not only to take positive steps towards reversing the trend of high mortality among women due to heart conditions, but also to enlighten the up-coming generation-both male and female. After all it is believed that “when you enlighten a man, it is for just a person; but when you enlighten a woman, it reflects on the larger community”-I hope it is so in this case.
            I tell you, we are in an ultra dynamic world where new inventions are coming up everyday; every woman is entitled to living with healthy heart. Man has made a lot of achievements in various spheres of life resulting in easy access to (various channels of) information, modern methods of farming that can guarantee sufficient food (including fruits, vegetables and different kinds of animals) production. In addition, excellent medical facilities are now available in various parts of the world for detecting, diagnosing and treatment of different kind of diseases that used to be unattainable some years ago. It is obvious therefore that the first impediment to be overcome is ignorance! Check out this short story and see what you can make of it:
           Lady Merlia, daughter of Chief Bezumendey a renown industrialist was well known for her elegance, affluence, beauty and probably a healthy heart- that was some years ago. At 32 and single, she had just assumed the mantle of leadership of her father’s multinational industrial conglomerate. Her father was being hospitalized in an orthopedic hospital far away in an overseas country due to injuries he sustained from a ghastly road accident in his favorite black Mercedes Benz 500 S E L sports. In the present world of glamour and automation, you need a healthy mind to sustain your healthy heart…
               Merlia had so much work on her hand as she had to maintain their duplex home with an army of aides on one side and the gigantic workforce of her father’s industrial outfit on the other. At first, she seemed to be in perfect control. Then one day, she slumped at a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company. If you are endowed with a healthy heart today, take good care of it.
                She stirred up slowly after some hours on a hospital bed and the Doctor announced, ‘Lady, from the preliminary test conducted; there are indications that you have a weak heart, due to high blood pressure (!) Therefore, you need to take time off all those piles of duties of yours and take some rest. You must stop taking any alcohol henceforth and delegate at least 50% of your official duties to others whenever you return to work. Furthermore, you must restrain yourself from unnecessary expression of anger, hysteria or anxiety in order to make our medical treatment effective…’ She nodded slowly in acceptance. I see such development as a step of ‘healthy switch to a healthy heart!’