Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Healthy Heart in Women: The 'Healthy Example' from The Heart

       The more you talk of healthy heart in women, the more intriguing you are; wanting to know one new aspect of the matter or the other. However, it is obvious that such a topic can not be overlooked in the social, economic and the scientific terrains of the society; more so as glaring facts and figures are coming forth to the knowledge of a wider section of human populace.
        You keep wondering, why people have to die of a heart disease or heart attack considering the fact that a healthy heart is designed to be very powerful and durable. It is a wonder pump built of tough materials that do not break down easily. Its muscles are different in the way they are put together; they are more durable than any other muscle tissue of the body. No other organ of the body works as hard and as long as the heart.
          I can see a convincing similarity in the way the healthy heart operates and women’s activities especially at the home front. They work tirelessly and stay awake longer than most other members of the family. As long as you are alive, the heart never stops working, even when you are asleep. It has enormous reserve powers to meet any crisis situation that may arise; that is, emotional fluctuations. Times of anger, excitement, disappointment or panic all make the heart to perform extra task of beating (pumping) faster so as to supply enough blood to sustain the body in time of crisis. Apart from the relentless caring for the family, women are also recognized as having more tender ‘heart’ (tender mind; really), whereby in most cases, they find it easier to forgive anyone who offended them and let go the matter than their male counterpart.
       So what are we really driving at here? Oh yes! The less the grip you maintain on matters arising in your day-to-day life, the better off you are; learn to ‘let go and let God’ (as they say). I tell you, many people need to be reminded time and time again that we live only one life, which is the reality!
          Now let us take a snappy look at this scenario: The healthy heart itself is an undisputable example of forbearance, endurance and all such qualities of that nature. It works on and on without thinking of taking a rest like ‘others’ (hands, legs, eyes, mouth, etc) realizing that the life of the whole body depends on its ability to keep on the ‘beats’. The same way, I am calling on women who are helping in spurring on the society; to keep on bracing the challenges with more courage, cheerfulness and optimism. However, you must take some rest and relax always, the point I’m trying to make here is that you keep on doing your best always with less agitation and acrimony. The ‘example of the heart’ here is a sure way to a healthy heart!                         

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Healthy Heart in Women: The 'Heart' of The Matter

     The need for women to rise to the challenge of attaining healthy heart conditions can not be over-emphasized. The need is more pertinent as experts reveal that more women die of heart problems than men each year; and the situation is continuing unabated! It is a serious situation which should not be allowed to linger on. I wish to ask you, as a woman; how do you feel learning about such heart-rending facts concerning women and their heart conditions? Do you feel indifferent? Unconcerned or deeply touched? Whichever the case may be, we are all facing the reality that can not be denied.
          Issues concerning the heart always involve mentioning of some ‘technical’ terms, which are used to identify those internal body organs working together with the heart. You really don’t need to rack your brain in an effort to grab such technical (medical) terminologies. Rather, you only need to understand the basics of maintaining healthy heart-observe it and enlighten others!  
        The healthy heart is a powerful pump solely responsible for circulating the life-wielding fluid (blood) round the whole body system. Flowing under low pressure, blood from all parts of the body returns to the right side of the heart from where it is pumped into the lungs. At that point, the life fluid is equipped with a fresh supply of oxygen (from the lungs) while the carbon dioxide content is dropped. Now the fully oxygenated fluid changes to a bright red color, passing to the left side of the heart and from that point; it is pumped to all parts of the body under high pressure. The total time involved in one complete cycle is less than 20 seconds!
       In essence, the activities of the healthy heart involve three major variables: i) The heart which is the (powerful) ‘pump’ ii) The arteries, veins and the tiny capillaries which constitute the ‘pipes’ and iii) The fluid itself which can not flow on its own except with the help of the pump and the pipes. To maintain a healthy heart condition, the pump (the heart) must find it easy to receive the fluid from the pipes and to send it out without hindrance or blockage within any of the pipes. Heart problems usually start whenever there is a blockage in any of the channels.
          Blockages could result from taking unhealthy diet, lack of regular (physical) exercise and poor living habits (smoking, drugs and alcoholism, etc). Talking of healthy diet, there are two major dimensions from which it can be viewed. The 1st aspect is to eat what is good for your body while the second aspect has to do with what can be referred to as ‘moderate eating.’ No doubt, many women are known for their uncontrollable eating habits. It is a matter that requires a considerable level of self discipline. That is the ‘heart of the matter.’ Think very well about it and work hard towards facilitating a healthy heart today!