Monday, October 17, 2011

Healthy Heart in Women: Healthy Heart is... Great Future!

        Healthy heart in women is the topical issue here but the resultant benefits are extended to all and sundry. When you are endowed with healthy heart, you have a wonderful, great future. You need to possess this knowledge and act on it always by promoting healthy habits, taking part in healthy activity, taking healthy and nutritious food items and assessing available standard medical facilities when necessary.
            Madam Benenta Aremasenka was introduced to an enthusiastic audience some years ago and she used the opportunity to narrate how her healthy heart had brought her an unexpected wonderful and great future. She was the Managing Director of a chain of companies which she co-founded with her late husband Chief Aremasenka. The venue was the Provincial Headquarters of a collection of villages. Most of the people who gathered there were the beneficiaries of her philanthropic acts, who had invited her to express their appreciation to her. She was the only survivor among the twin sisters born to their parents about fifty five years earlier. She was lucky to overcome the disease that ended her twin sister’s life at a tender age of 15.
          “Looking back at the turn of events which took place forty years ago, I can not but give thanks to God Almighty, for the gift of healthy heart,” she said.  “For a girl of 15 to encounter the challenge of a chronic heart disease, nothing could be more shattering!” She added, then she could no longer hold back tears surging up her eyes and rolling down her cheeks, the large hall went dead silent for a moment... Her twin sister had died mysteriously a couple of weeks before she too took ill. The impression being created at that time was that her twin sister had evil spirit. But when she too became ill, her mother decided to travel to the city for a thorough medical examination in a Government General Hospital. That was in spite of the general opinion of most of the villagers who advised her to “forget about the possessed twin children!”
        “At that time”, she continued after wiping off her tears and pulling herself together. She placed her left palm on the place of her healthy heart before speaking further, “The level of development was very low, nowhere comparable to what we have today.” She looked round the large audience slowly then she spoke further, “I owe my survival to the mercy of God and to my mother who lived ahead of her time- she rejected the general opinion of the time that condemned I and my late twin sister as being possessed of evil spirit…!”
          According to her, her mother was also in her mid-fifties at that time when she decided she was not prepared to lose both children to superstition or some baseless traditional beliefs as it was at the time! Her mother got a referral note from the city hospital and she was flown abroad for heart surgery which made her life better ever since. On a more cheerful note, she said, “Now look at me today, who would have thought that I had a great future lying ahead for me, talk less of affecting lives of many people positively…?” (A prolonged round of applause followed…) Then she added as she spread out both arms, “I am happy to witness the present day development, the technologies, the beautiful cities, the industries, the communications, educations, great structures here and there, transportations, inventions, limitless opportunities beckoning to those who wish to make great living for themselves…indeed, your healthy heart is key to a great future!”