Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Healthy Heart in Women: Healthy Heart and Drug Complications!

        Healthy heart in women is the topic of the moment here, all out to salvage a grim situation which is already cutting very deep into many human lives and inflicting bad- painful effects as a dreadful threat to happy human existence on the mother earth. Women are particularly requested to be doubly involved in the effort to reduce to the barest minimum, the escalating number of deaths resulting from healthy heart problems. Apart from enlightening fellow women, you should as well ensure that your children are well informed and that they start practicing how to promote and sustain the healthy heart culture. I like to reiterate again, that the right time is now-bear in mind the saying that delay is dangerous.  
         It is known to all that the healthy heart is well built with very strong walls, durable cells and tissues that can withstand any form of arduous task embarked upon by an average person. However, it may suffer serious damages if it is infiltrated by diseases or unhealthy habits. Such problems as high blood pressure, coronary thrombosis, arthero-sclerosis, hypertension, cardiac arrest, diabetes etc among others, are capable of rendering the healthy heart incapacitated and invalid. Talking of unhealthy habits that can equally dislodge the healthy heart, you may think of smoking, drug addiction, drunkenness, drug abuse etc.
         Let us remember that all substances that enter into the body (food, drinks, drugs etc) have to pass through the healthy heart with either positive or negative impacts manifesting very glaringly soon or later. This was the situation a few weeks ago in which a family in a small township lost a teenage girl and the other narrowly escaped death as a result of drug abuse. The two sisters had been indulging in arbitrary use of drugs without the knowledge of their parents for some days in a bid to get rid of their unwanted pregnancies. Unfortunately, they had earlier been introduced to a quack who assured them that they needed not undergo the usual D & C as long as they continued taking the (poisonous..?) drugs…!     
           The younger girl of 15 was over four months pregnant while the senior, 18; was just 2 months on. The younger one started complaining of both abdominal and chest pains before she finally slumped and she was rushed to a hospital. All attempts to resuscitate her including the introduction of oxygen proved abortive-she never came out of the state of coma till she finally gave up the ghost. A post mortem test on her revealed that her healthy heart had been badly damaged by the toxic contents of the drugs she was taking.
        Realizing that she too could suffer the same fate of an eventual healthy heart failure, the senior girl cried out that she too had just started taking the same drugs and she had also started experiencing similar danger signals as her late junior sister…! Women, one major menace you have to guard against within the family and the society at large is that of drug complications in order to safeguard your highly cherished healthy heart!