Monday, August 15, 2011

Healthy Heart In Women:The Unbeatable Heart Beats!

   The issue of healthy heart in women will continue to gain more prominence until such a time that the desired level of awareness is attained which will bring about remarkable turn-around as regards the present trend of heart conditions among the women folk. The internet offers mankind an excellent opportunity of accessing all necessary information on all life issues including the one involving healthy heart in women being discussed here now; in addition to other available information media. It is therefore imperative for those who have access to any information on the matter to help in passing it to others.     
       Have you ever wondered how the healthy heart has been able to maintain regular beats (known as heart-beats) on the average for a very long time (so many years, even decades and on rare occasions for over a century)?! I remember quite vividly how I used to gaze at my father’s pendulum clock many years ago as a child. Whenever I arrived home from (a nearby elementary) school, I used to head straight for the living room-to look at the (ever swinging) pendulum of the dazzling wall clock. However, it lasted for just a few years and the clock packed up! Today as I look back at those days (well over thirty years now!), I cannot but appreciate the fact that the same heart that I had at that time is the one still ‘swinging’ to keep my life on the move up till now, as  it is with every living creature on earth today…splendid!
          The way the healthy heart always maintain regular heart-beats has posed serious puzzles to the experts for several decades. However, series of research have shown that the cells that make up the walls of the heart are quite different from all other cells of the body. They are capable of functioning under more severe conditions than what other normal body cells can endure.
         Take note of the fact that before you were born, your tiny embryonic heart began to beat in a slow rhythm of its own before the nerves growing down the brain and spinal chord had been connected to it. Not only that, if you give the necessary care to your healthy heart; it is capable of maintaining regular beats (on the average) for up to eighty years or even more than that-I think that is unbeatable!!! “Only Nature could have designed such an unbeatable wonder machine!” declared an expert. Dear woman, if you are equipped with such a wonderful healthy heart, I think you ought to do the best you can to support it to serve you well.
             Ever heard of the word ‘saturated fat’? It is described as a dietary fat that may increase the risk of heart disease. If you have to take such food item, you should do so moderately while you balance it with other food items with low fat contents. Some food items that contain saturated fat include: butter, poultry skin, meat, shortening, lard and dairy products; except the fat-free versions. So, check it out women, help your healthy heart to keep on with the unbeatable heart-beats now and always!