Friday, October 7, 2011

Healthy Heart in Women: Healthy Heart is...Good Life!

        Healthy heart in women is on track again, it is an open invitation to make gains without pains as you take concrete action towards ensuring that you are not taken unawares by some of those heart conditions resulting in the abrupt ending of many peoples’ lives; especially women. A little caring and taking of simple steps may save you from unforeseen troubles. Finding ourselves in an age of mass literacy, ‘light speed’ information and proven sophistication in orthodox medicine is enough reason to ensure that no one is caught in the web of heart related diseases. The healthy heart is a priceless possession; you must be prepared to go any length to preserve it.
          The story of Madam Lelliane Arimomba which happened several years ago is an unusual but effective example of how to attain your healthy heart desire at all costs. She had taken over her late husband’s import and export company a couple of months after his death. Being an accountancy graduate herself was an added advantage to her so she was able to grasp the basics of the business within a short time. On the other hand, she decided to close down her equally flourishing boutique which was located at heart of the city due to her inability to get a reliable hand that could manage it effectively.
         She continued as the Managing Director of the company for three solid years with little or no hitch, courtesy of her healthy heart in action. Then some problems started cropping up. Some of their items of importation had just been placed on the prohibition list by the Central Government and the goods had already arrived at the Warf waiting for clearance. The Board of Directors (B O D) of the company held series of meetings presided over by Madam Arimomba concerning what emergency steps to take in the face of the impending economic doom. At first, some officials of the Shipping Department promised to help in securing the clearance of the goods before the actual enforcement of the new law began.                                                                            
         Meanwhile Madam had started building up anxiety, restlessness and despair which had started rocking the walls of her healthy heart. Due to sleepless nights she started experiencing, she started consuming more alcohol than usual. Eventually, a letter came from the Shipping Department which read in part: “We are sorry to inform you that it may no longer be possible to secure the clearance of your goods, except in case of any new directive which is most unlikely for now…! This was the ‘last straw that broke the camel’s back’ as far as Madam was concerned.
        Her healthy heart seemed to have encountered failure as she passed out on hearing the latest development. However, a Medical Officer later announced: “To enable us treat your failing heart and high blood pressure successfully, you need to cut down on the consumption of alcohol, sugar and items with high cholesterol content.” Sounding a bit more absurd, he added, “Be prepared to take a two-week vacation abroad to refresh your body, mind and your heart! Before you return, take time to plan a new course of action for your company; great opportunities abound when you clear off all anxieties- this is not the end of the world…! About a year later, a friend of hers asked how she managed to recover and came off bubbling with strength and splendor. She replied, “Good Life restores your Healthy heart…!