Friday, September 30, 2011

Healthy Heart In Women: Healthy Heart Is...Multidimensional!

      The topic of healthy heart in women is on again, like a moving train inviting the travelers to hop in without further delay! And that is the reality of the matter- informing you of the need to take the right step in the right direction towards enhancing healthy heart…now! The elders in our community use to say that there are three ‘seasons’ in a man’s life which include the ‘morning’, ‘afternoon’   and ‘evening’ times. (I can testify to it that African elders are ever vocal on any issue that affects their immediate communities without hesitations!). The ‘morning’ here refers to childhood followed by adulthood and old age respectively.
           Concerning the issue of healthy heart, some wise, discreet and philosophical men say that there are many dimensions to it which include the social, economic, scientific, technological and even philosophical dimensions! You may feel otherwise, but, come to think of it that all the organs in a man’s body are dependent on the viability of the healthy heart. A man that wakes up in the morning owes it to the fact that his healthy heart is still ‘keeping on’. The same goes with all other undertakings of the day from sunrise to sunset. When you are endowed with healthy heart, you are able to pursue such profitable projects that may enable you to become economically viable. The Scientists have been kept busy and unrelenting in their bid to comprehend the operation and complexities of the healthy heart.
           There is this story of a wise old woman who lived about a century ago in a remote African village; by name Mama Nilikenga. She was said to have lived up to an incredible age of 135years and that her sense of reasoning did not diminish up to the time she took her last breath! She is described as peace loving and always viewing matters in relation to the heart. For example she used to advise young people to imbibe good behavior so that their healthy heart could see them through to both ‘afternoon’ and ‘evening seasons of their lives! She was also fond of asking such questions as, ‘have you counted your heart beats today?’ Have you listened to what your heart is saying today?’ All these are no doubt philosophical perspectives…
          The story goes on that the wise old woman used to receive visitors from far and near, especially wealthy men and women who wanted to come and verify what they already heard about her philosophical dispositions. At the end they would have been more than satisfied! She was said to live in a beautifully constructed house that no one knew how and when the house was built. Further more, she was said to possess astounding scientific tendencies which enabled her to make non-pharmaceutical ‘prescriptions’ in respect healthy heart- related ailments.
           For example, she would say, ‘you need to stop taking salt (or smoking; etc…) for the next so and so months to restore your healthy heart to good shape’, and the ‘patient’ would end up for the better! One day a learned man from far away came to visit her and she asked him, ‘In exchange for political or economic prowess, are you willing to trade off your healthy heart…?!        

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Healthy Heart in Women: Healthy Heart Vs Burning Heart!

Healthy heart in women is it, but the benefits therein extend to all and sundry. The young, the elderly; (you really don’t get old when you are equipped with healthy heart!), the rich, the not-so-rich,  (you may argue this out for all you care if I say again that you are potentially rich and not really poor when you are endowed with healthy heart!); whatever category you place yourself, you are not left out. I tell you indeed, just try and listen carefully to the air or to the ground; if you know how to do it, so you can perceive the unmistakable sound of healthy heart raging stronger and stronger each day.                                                                                                                                                                                       
        The reason for this development is not far fetched. In recent times, experts are discovering from various researches that a greater percentage of deaths among mankind are resulting from problems relating to healthy heart. Many professional bodies have also been making clarion calls to all (of us who are still quite lucky to be alive!) to listen, adjust to and adopt life portraying healthy habits, to start gradual practice of healthy activity as well as indulgence in moderate consumption of healthy and nutritious food items. The right time is now because no one knows what happens the next moment.          
        There are various systems of the body operating and performing specific functions towards the enhancement of healthy heart. Some of the systems include: the digestive, nervous, circulatory, excretory and skeletal systems, to mention a few- all largely dependent on the healthy heart to perform their functions adequately. On the other hand, the healthy heart also needs the ‘cooperation’ of the other adjoining organs to be able to perform its functions maximally. Taking a closer look at the digestive system, we all know the vital roles being played by the mouth, esophagus, small intestine, liver, and the other related organs of the body.                                                                                                   
     Digestion actually takes place in the small intestine where the food is broken down and converted into such form that can be absorbed by the intestinal wall into the blood stream which is kept running courtesy of the unrelenting pumping force of the healthy heart. From there, it is transported by the microscopic capillaries which later converge into the portal vein that enters into the liver. At that point, the liver helps in further refining the digested food and stores it in the body for subsequent use. What you are required to know here is how to select easily digestible healthy and nutritious food items that include fresh fruits and vegetables. 
      Women mostly hold the responsibility of choosing food items for the family and thus in the right position to contribute towards enhancing healthy heart in the whole family. Improper functioning of the digestive system could result in that painful feeling known as ‘heart burn’. It could also be caused by excess acidity in the stomach. To overcome it, observe such foods that result in the feeling and avoid them. However, you also need to avoid alcohols, over cooked or fried foods and acidic foods like lemon. Dear women, try and promote healthy heart today!