Thursday, September 8, 2011

Healthy Heart in Women: ‘Mechanics‘of Healthy Heart

        The topic of healthy heart in women is always quite inspiring and inexhaustible. Naturally, a woman is ‘ever busy’ on the home front, taking care of the household equipment and the kids on one side and responsible to the husband on the other hand. In fact, it is usual to refer to a lot of women (in their most active years) as ‘workaholic’ going by the enormity of duties they perform at home; which are also being mostly combined with other external undertakings like business activities or official duties. In essence, an average woman is always ‘on the move’ whether within or away from home!
         The same thing goes with healthy heart, which remains ‘committed’ to its duties relentlessly. Though the average size of an adult’s heart is about two fists clenched together, the (life time) job it performs is astounding; even unimaginable! As long as you are alive, you can be considered to be a living being ‘in motion’ even when you are asleep (!) Did I hear you ask ‘how?’ Oh yes! Remember the non-stop traffic going on within your body system…generally referred to as ‘blood circulation’. Think of it, the process (of heart beats) started right from your embryonic form through the months of pregnancy and from your childhood to old age- that’s quite legendary! No matter how new or powerful a car may be the engine can not run successfully without a functional oil pump supplying oil to the engine as healthy and nutritious food.
         Talking about healthy heart in women, I remember a lady colleague who suddenly fell ill a few years ago. We were taken unawares by the development. She had always been well known to be lively and bubbling with strength. However, she had been keeping a lingering (heart) problem she was encountering to herself until the situation became unbearable. She had been encountering difficulty in breathing at night hours and feeling uncomfortable lying down-whichever side tried to lie on. Both problems are symptoms that point to a breeding heart condition. So she resorted to the use of sleeping tablets! One carelessness too many! Though she was in her late twenties with just a kid, she was diagnosed with high cholesterol content in her body system which was accompanied with blood clotting, we were all shattered!
      Before any concrete arrangement could be put up to save her life, she was gone! If you are known to be strong and excelling in a healthy physical activity like being an international athlete, a boxer, a soccer star, a wrestler, whatever-even a public speaker! It is possible courtesy of your healthy heart. I hope you remember that, at the time you are involved in a healthy physical activity, your heart beats faster and in essence pumps faster thereby pumping larger volume of blood to the parts in action, hand, leg, etc. So the issues of healthy activity, healthy and nutritious food consumption and making sure you confide in the experts (that is medical, in this case!) whenever there is an unusual development in your body system should be strictly observed and put into action- that, indeed is ‘mechanics’ of healthy heart!