Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Healthy Heart in Women-The Mega Heart Beats!

         The discussion on healthy heart in women remains endless. It can only end when human race ceases to exist on the surface of the earth. While the brain serves as the ‘control tower’, the heart is indisputably the ‘power house’ of the body. Without mincing words, the power house supersedes the control tower in many aspects. Ordinarily, people whose brains stopped functioning rationally still live on, they remain as ‘living beings’ though with remarkable degree of invalidity.
              However, no one can keep on existing without the heart-even for an hour! Any part of the body that suffers short supply of blood (being supplied by the healthy heart of course!) will certainly cease to function immediately. The irony of an average family is that the man (husband) could be likened to the ‘control tower’ of the family while the woman in the home can be likened to the ‘power house’ of the family; considering the enormity of her duties. You are entitled to your opinion-I’ve just expressed mine harmlessly!       
         The healthy heart has to keep pumping blood to ensure that the body lives on. The blood is the means of transporting digested food items from the small intestine with oxygen to all the tissues and organs of the body where they will be converted to energy for the use of the body (to promote growth, body protection, healing and replacement of damaged cells and tissues.) At the same time, many waste materials like carbon dioxide, nitrogen compounds and some others are hauled away from various body tissues to be ejected from the body.
          Oxygen is a vital element that enhances the functions of the blood in the body. As the arteries transport the blood from the healthy heart, it is mixed with oxygen from the lungs before being distributed to all parts of the body through the capillaries, which constitute a gigantic network of microscopic tubes spreading all over the body. Eventually, they pass the blood to the veins which are bigger tubes like the arteries, to return the blood into the heart. Waste materials from various parts of the body are transported by the blood to the kidneys for ejection from the body while carbon dioxide is dropped into the lungs to be exhaled out of the body through the mouth and the nose.
         The essence of making the above descriptions is to remind us of the fact that the blood being conveyed round the body is ever busy conveying one item or the other to the body while it also clears other ‘unwanted’ (waste materials) from various parts of the body. Women have more vital roles to play here in ensuring that only healthy food items are prepared for the family. They need to promote healthy heart by avoiding the intake of poisonous (poorly prepared and packaged) food and drinks which may have adverse effect on the heart. An average healthy heart of an adult beats about 70 times a minute. In a single day, the heart-beats take place over a hundred thousand times, you may call it ‘the mega- heart beats!’            

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